Austin Texas from hike and bike trail on Town Lake.

We took a hike on the hike and bike trail that goes around town lake in Austin, Texas on a beautiful and cool afternoon to a little known spot where Town lake and Barton Springs join to get this picture of down town Austin. I had the camera mounted on the tripod and off we went down the hike and bike trail to get to the spot and carefully climbed my way down to the waters edge. It was an absolutely beautiful fall day with a slight breeze temps in the mid 60’s and people out on the lake paddling around in canoes. The Bald Cyprus trees are just now turning a rust brown color as you can see across the lake.

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  1. Ah – don’t you just love the view from Lou Neff Point? I want to go down there some sunset and shoot an HDR panorama from there since the reflections should be spectacular.

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